DIY Masking Tape Art

  • DIY
  • Apr 20, 2017

I’ve seen these types of projects for a long time on Pinterest and I’ve pinned more than I can count. Recently, I finally decided to try one for real. Especially since I’ve had a couple of canvases that were in serious need of a makeover. 

I bought this for $20 at Big Lots in 2013 thanks to a misplaced 50% off sign:

I actually liked the fish design and the mixed-media feel at the time I bought it, but the 1970s vibe was never my favorite. The brown/taupe walls in my living room (which we are still in the process of redoing since we encountered painted-over wallpaper that is a nightmare to get off) don’t help.

So I used a flat white spray paint primer to cover the original image.

I intended to do a project with this a few months ago involving repurposed book pages, but I didn’t love the results halfway through, plus I used a weak glue and it started falling apart anyway.

Meanwhile, I oversee a group of teenage girls at church and we have activities every Wednesday night, so when they suggested some simple canvas art projects, I took the opportunity to join them and finally do something with my own canvas.

I was inspired by this project over on Wonderfully Made:

I would’ve loved to do gold, but Nano thinks it’s tacky. I agree that it can be tacky (especially if it’s really chrome-shiny) but I compromised. If bright yellow can be considered a compromise. 

Anyway, here is my project, taped up as I started painting at the church.

I used really cheap 50¢ paint from Walmart and covered it in about 10 minutes with a sponge brush.

Peeling off the tape was super satisfying, probably the best part.

I also got a little extra texture leftover from where I had glued the book page pieces on my previously abandoned project. I am actually really glad, because I like it.

I hung it in the bedroom for now, mostly to get an idea how it would look against a gray wall. This is similar to the color we’ll be painting the living room, although slightly darker and more purple.

This was quick, fun, and non-intimidating. I was really glad I got to use a canvas I already had (because new ones are expensive) and I’m pretty happy with the result. 

20 May 2017