DIY Blanket Ladder

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  • May 20, 2017

This project was one of my easiest and most satisfying projects to date. I found the wood for 79¢ a piece and only needed 3 pieces, so it was super cheap too. Two of the pieces I was able to use at full size, so I didn’t even have to cut them. And, finally, the aged wood technique was a lot simpler than I expected, so I felt like it came out really well.

I used three 1×2-inch kiln-dried furring strips that were 4 feet long.

Like I said, I used two of the three pieces at full length and I had Nano cut the third piece into thirds (three 16-inch pieces) for the rungs.

To get the aged look, I first started by staining all the pieces dark brown (Minwax, Dark Walnut).

Then, I used white paint (a sample container of primer from Walmart, about $2) and a dry wide paintbrush. I poured a small amount of paint onto the lid and sort of just dabbed the brush in it so that the brush only had a little bit of paint, then very lightly brushed it across the wood so that a certain amount of the dark stain would still show through. 

Then I assembled everything and nailed the rungs to the side pieces. It was a little wobbly, so I added a second nail to the backside where each piece was attached.

Here’s the final product:



This will be going in the baby’s room, since I’m guessing I’ll end up with lots of blankets and nowhere to keep them.

20 April 2017
22 May 2017