Maternity Photos

I thought I’d share a few maternity photos to give a little visual update on the baby so far. I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant and couldn’t believe I looked this huge when I saw the pictures afterward! I mean, some days I feel pretty big, but I don’t usually feel like I’m holding a basketball under my shirt. I’m just used to it, I guess? Growing so gradually is a really good thing!

Anyway, I’m super excited, but also trying really hard not to have panic attacks when I wake up at 4 a.m. to pee and I think about how I’m going to be giving birth in just a couple months—and then I’ll have a child. It doesn’t seem real! And what was I thinking? Haha. Common thoughts, right?

We are progressing very slowly on the nursery and our other remodeling projects, and it’s really hard to drum up the energy lately (as you might imagine), but we’re getting there. 

20 May 2017