DIY Painted Clipboards

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  • Sep 18, 2017

So I wanted to put a couple of clipboards on my office pegboard for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to place them on hooks so I could both store and grab a clipboard really easily whenever I needed one. Secondly, clipboards are a great way to display artwork, design inspiration, or in-progress sketches, all of which are conducive to my graphics job.

My original plan was to use origami paper and cover the entire boards with different floral patterns, but I would’ve needed to use several sheets (since they’re small). Trying to line up the pattern proved somewhat difficult, as did trying to get around the actual clips in a graceful way. I ended up using the origami paper for a totally different office project. and decided to go with masking tape and paint on this one instead. Since I used masking tape to make some abstract canvas art not too long ago, I had the supplies and figured I could make something up.

I got two really cheap clipboards from Walmart (they were around $1.50 each) along with some really cheap paint (50¢ per bottle), taped up the clipboards, and picked some colors to paint on with sponge brushes.

Peeled off the tape …

Ta-da! Quick, cheap, super easy.

Then I laid out a couple of quotes/phrases really fast and printed them out to display on the clipboards while they aren’t being used for anything else specific. 

And here’s one of them hanging in my office. I’m looking forward to being able to easily switch out the artwork whenever it suits me. 

8 September 2017
20 September 2017