Office Makeover

My office space was getting a little bit out of control, so I decided to make it over. I’ve been working on this project for several months, and I’ve actually been finished since before I had the baby, but my documentation of it took a little longer.

Here’s what it looked like before:

As you can see, it’s a mess of papers, tissues, random IKEA decor from my single days, CDs I was pulling data off of (wait … what’s a CD?), cords everywhere, and a lot of chaos on the bookshelf. And that’s one of Nano’s shirts on my chair. 

I decided I wanted the area to be cleaner / more organized (obviously) and also a little brighter and more colorful.

Here’s the “after” view:

You can see my pegboard (R is for Rivera, and I might paint that eventually), as well as my clipboards and origami bunting.

I added of a photo of me and Nano, and a pen/pencil holder (which is actually meant for a candle, but I loved the color and design).

I arranged all the books on the shelf in rainbow order—because, why not? Fun fact: The CD tower to the left of my desk was something I made in high school wood shop! So lame, haha. But good memories and I can never part with it.

I also added this terrarium of air plants since there is inexplicably a hanging planter hook attached to this doorframe in the office. The plants came from an Etsy shop called Plant in the Air, and I put them with Dollar Tree rocks, in a glass terrarium from JoAnn’s (I used a 60% off coupon), hung with Dollar Tree twine.

I also wanted to display a few of my favorite knickknacks.

For example, we bought this radio at a thrift store in Oregon when we visited last February. We couldn’t find a battery to fit it (possibly because they don’t really make that size anymore) but my brother-in-law helped me rig a couple other batteries together to make it work.

And, from our honeymoon in New York City, this Made in China mini Statue of Liberty …

Also from NYC, we bought this elephant from a street vendor (I think it’s made of palm leaves) and I kind of wish we’d bought more of her stuff because it was all incredible. Side note: Behind it, you’ll see Merriam-Webster’s 5 Language Visual Dictionary, from when I went through my language-learning and linguistics phase in college (a phase I miss sometimes).

And this projector is actually on the other side of the room—not necessarily part of my direct workspace, but Nano loves it and I think it’s nice, so I figured I’d share it anyway—next to what is obviously one of Nano’s nerdy books, haha. But seriously, my husband is really cool and smart.

Painted clipboards up close. One of them, anyway …

And because more plants make everything better, I brought over one of my aloe plants from the living room to keep on my desk. With a way overpriced replica of the Space Needle from our trip to Seattle (although I love the size of it, so I’m glad I didn’t get a smaller one I might have not liked as much).

So far, I’m loving the new space. I always enjoy working more when my environment is fun and vibrant. It puts me in a much better mood—plus, having things in order helps me be a lot more productive!

18 September 2017
7 January 2018



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    20 September 2017

    I LOVE THIS! A visual feast, indeed. I’ll have to get over and see the place in person sometime! I’m assuming one of those aloe leaves was used to sooth Reyn’s stings the other day when he was mowing. He said he had a run-in with some bees, but that you took care of him. Thanks! And… what I really need to do, is someday when you need a day out, come and help me figure out what to do with my space! I need some artistic direction.

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      20 September 2017

      Thanks! I’m glad you like it! And yes, this was the aloe plant we used for Reynolds’s bee sting, haha.

      I’d love to come help you with your space! We’ll talk and figure something out 🙂