Welcome to Nanotorious! My name is Victoria (aka Tori) and I started this blog to catalogue projects, travel, experiences, and experiments. My husband Fernando (aka Nano) is usually behind the scenes—or occasionally next to me in a photo when he consents to it—on all of this, as we improve our home, try new things, and go on little adventures.

We are from Oregon and California respectively and we met it Utah, which is where we also got married. We moved to Iowa in 2016 for Nano’s job (civil engineering). Luckily, I work remotely (graphic design, magazine layout), so moving anywhere is not a big deal for me. In 2018, we moved again (due to Nano’s job, again), and now we are back in Utah.

We live in a small town in a little old house that was recently remodeled. We have a little boy, a cat, and two red-eared slider turtles.